Art of Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition

One of my favourite role playing game books is Dark Conspiracy. When I was younger, and part of a role play club on Saturdays, I used to visit Virgin Megastores with my friend Martin, and we used to look through their role playing section, making mental lists of what we wanted to buy and read. Todays digital culture handles role playing game books differently now. But those were golden memories for me, and by far one of my favourite games I purchased was Dark Conspiracy.

It grabbed my attention due to the front artwork, which I now know today, concretely I add, by Larry Elmore. Perhaps its because I was familiar with Larry’s work in Dungeons & Dragons, or because just simply he is a great fantasy role playing artist.

The original artwork in digital format can be viewed directly at Larry Elmore’s website today

After the front cover, there are many great colour interior artworks and black and white illustrations. Some of the artists are producing contemporary hit works, probably all are still passionate about their work from the day they started their careers in Art.

The interior artists listed in the CREDITS on page 2 of Dark Conspiracy core rulebook read as:

Janet Ausilio, Timothy Bradstreet, Steve Bryant, Paul Daly, Elizabeth T.Danforth, Amy Doubet, Larry Elmore, LaMont Fullerton, Earl Geier, Dell Harris, Rick Harris, April Lee, David Martin, Elisa Martin, Timothy Truman, and Kirk Wescom

Janet Ausilio,

has done cover art, magazine art, and interior art for several roleplaying books in the 90s. It is hard to recognise all the art in Dark Conspiracy as 50% of the artwork does not include an artists signature. A real shame.

Timothy Bradstreet,

Notably Timothy Bradsheet’s work in the book is signed clearly, as quite a cool signature too! He did collabrative art in the book with Timothy Truman. His artwork is recognisable, and he is still working at cons today.

Steve Bryant,

An illustrator living in Chicago, has done work with IDW, and nominated in awards and helped win awards for ‘Athena Voltaire’. He accepts commissions as low as $85.

Paul Daly,

Paul is going strong, with his talent in illustrations and his experience in print and promotions. He is ready for hire, and has previous commissions with DC and Image comics.

Elizabeth T.Danforth,

lets call her a librarian, and a fantastic artist ! She has a column and seems a pretty avid gamer! Her credentials include Wasteland and Dark Conspiracy to note She created the colour interior artwork (scary stuff) on page 177 (Beasties Chapter)

Amy Doubet,

Graphic Designer, was art director for GDWs other hit role play game, Twilight 2000, and worked as art director for other GDW supplements. Dark Conspiracy’s’ art was directed by Steve Bryant.

Larry Elmore,

Larry Elmore has produced interior colour artwork and the front for the Dark Conspiracy Core Rulebook. He is known worldwide for his work on Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Lance series.

LaMont Fullerton,

works on the Graphic Design with Amy Doubet in Dark Conspiracy Core Rules Book and supplements such as Ice Daemon. source:

Earl Geier,

he did a major load of inside illustrations and colour artwork for the Core Rule book, and can be identified with his signature. He is a horror and comic artist.

Dell Harris,

reachable on facebook, has completed numerous art work for fantasy games, and has signed his work in the interior art work he has created in the Dark Conspiracy books. He signs his work DH. Another example of his fully signed and dated work is on page 162 of the core rule book.

Rick Harris,

did most the black and white illustrations for the Task Resolution & Skills (page 54) chapter of the main rule book. He signs and dates his artwork.

April Lee,

signs her name APRIL in the Dark Conspiracy rule book, and noticeable created the NPC Motivation (page 167) black and white illustrations to accompany that text.  She also created the artwork for the Character Generation (page 12) chapter.

David Martin,

David Martin has produced interior illustrations for Dungeons & Dragons books since 1990, as well as cover art for Domains of Dread(1997). He has also produced artwork for other games including Earthdawn and Shadowrun (FASA).

He has also illustrated cards for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Elisa Martin,

created black and white illustrations for the Beastie chapter of the core rule book. (page 185)

Timothy Truman,

has a large creditability of art, illustration in westerns, comics, rock and fantasy role playing game art. All his history and also commissions can be seen at his website.

and Kirk Wescom

who was an artist and art director for GDW.


About Fantasy Perception

I mixed colours at college. Scraped 125 credits on my Fine Art (Bachelor of Arts) and applied it to the Decorating and Plastering trade.
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