Altered Rules

Magic the Gathering: Often played with altered art work cards, they are legally allowed in Tournaments even Pro Tours, yet it is under the Head Judges adjudication. Officially you can view the wizards of the coast article on this subject, and it is a really good guide for working out what altered cards you can use before even asking a judge. It is noted in other blogs that you should bring regular copies of your altered cards just in case the Judge does not permit your cards to be used. Also, it is worth noting that these rules may not be an issue in regular FNM Standard Tournaments but for Pro Tour Qualifiers it is also recommend not to use Frameless cards, as judges prefer black borders on the cards.



About Fantasy Perception

I mixed colours at college. Scraped 125 credits on my Fine Art (Bachelor of Arts) and applied it to the Decorating and Plastering trade.
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