Scatter Arc – Altered Art – Gatecrash

I have just arrived last week back to the UK from Japan. I was really interested to see the merchandise for popular games that they sell in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. I guess I was suprised how easy it was to find card shops and how much they stocked. Plus, the huge amounts of Japanese TCG that are available. 

I travelled from city to city, and each city I visited I had a look for that ever amazing shop selling whatever cards, board, or roleplaying games I could see. I ended up throwing a few items in my luggage on the way back. Including a few magic the gathering cards. 

Here below, is a Japanese card that I pulled from a booster and worked on today. I have it on ebay for sale now. Obviously to fund my need to buy more boosters and singles and paint and alter other cards.

If you would like to ask question about Japan, or suggest a card for me to alter, then please do so.



About Fantasy Perception

I mixed colours at college. Scraped 125 credits on my Fine Art (Bachelor of Arts) and applied it to the Decorating and Plastering trade.
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