About Author

I am the author of this WordPress blog. My name is Alexander Wilson.

I have some fantasy that one day I will be able to paint freely how I like and when I like. I’ll be Free to carve out images from my fantasies and mould reality into renditions of beautiful hangings. I yearn to be known, to escape the mundane politics of life and learn skills seen by many artists worldwide.

My dream home would have skylights, comfy beds, an office running a Wacom tablet hooked up to the latest version of Photoshop. Abstract paintings in nature adorning the freshly painted walls, a dog sitting by the sculpture outdoors, easels and paint and half-finished canvases carelessly strung around a studio.

A small bookshelf in the corner with Art Review, Gallery Books and Anatomy Annuals and a wall mounted games console housing some of the greatest and only ridiculously easy to play games.

I have studied art for some years. I did go to University and this was only five years ago, I left not because I was above my league, although it sure as hell felt like a good excuse, but because I was dragging my feet into an awkward situation and could barely represent the cost of tuition fees with the lack of work produced. In the end, I decided I had not the life experience to comfortably reflect anything worthwhile in my art. To be honest though I was indifferent and stale, no inspiration was forming out of my mundane exsistence. Trust me when smoking dope and painting onto your workspace instead of painting in your workspace is happening, you have to make a change.

The reason of the blog is to explore fantasy artists, find my issues with my dithering dilligence, and the over-rated distractions. Which in the real world I am making progress.

I want to improve my art output. Funnily enough my biggest enemy currently is attempting not to make a mess and to keep the house clean and tidy.

The other problem is I have a lot of enthusiasm for a subject I am going nowhere with. Perhaps this is all part of the artists struggle, more likely I just need to get a grip.

Like a struggling monkey reaching for his banana at branches end, Fantasy Perception is my attempt to get some results!