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I mixed colours at college. Scraped 125 credits on my Fine Art (Bachelor of Arts) and applied it to the Decorating and Plastering trade.

Forty years of D&D artwork

It would be an incredible feat to include a list of artwork that has appeared in Dungeons & Dragons books over the last year and I just want to skim over the brief aspects and familiarise you and I with … Continue reading

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Temple Garden

This Temple Garden card was a card released from the Return to Ravnica set in late 2012. The card compliments the Selesnya guild ( The card is #248) it was also released in Ravnica ( The card # isĀ 284). Both … Continue reading

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Scatter Arc – Altered Art – Gatecrash

I have just arrived last week back to the UK from Japan. I was really interested to see the merchandise for popular games that they sell in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. I guess I was suprised how easy … Continue reading

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Altered Rules

Magic the Gathering: Often played with altered art work cards, they are legally allowed in Tournaments even Pro Tours, yet it is under the Head Judges adjudication. Officially you can view the wizards of the coast article on this subject, … Continue reading

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Art of Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition

One of my favourite role playing game books is Dark Conspiracy. When I was younger, and part of a role play club on Saturdays, I used to visit Virgin Megastores with my friend Martin, and we used to look through … Continue reading

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Mythical Creature Typography

I like to play with Typography with my Photoshop bundle, or, I can take two letters of an initial or even an acronym of a phrase and search the internet for various photographs that resemble various themes. Or search … Continue reading

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J’aime l’art de fantaisie

In two days will be Magic the Gathering Games Day. My Local area is Southampton in the UK, and upon entering the competition entrants can receive a limited artwork card. Lilianas Specter above cards left Limited by Jaime Jones right … Continue reading

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Mapping out

I am roleplaying a story online and the world we roleplay in is pretty vague. There are some nice descriptions but we were lacking a world map. So I scrolled the forums and found that some other roleplayers in the … Continue reading

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